Asthma and humidity should not be put together. For medical reasons, these two things can really damage your body. Some disastrous effects can cause fainting and some dizzy experiences. Having asthma can cause difficult and struggling times in your life. Getting rid of it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sometimes it can take away some of the great privileges that you had before you discovered that you had asthma.            
How It Is Caused
Asthma is caused by the air tubes in your lungs that squeeze together which causes the air to struggle to get in and out of your body. By clogging and thickening the air wall, an asthma inhaler unclogs the airway wall. Humidity most of the time can make it worse. If asthma runs in your family, you may discover that it is caused by the dust mites and or the cockroaches that surf your territory and blocks your common airway.                                                                                   

What Treats Asthma                                                                                               
             Some drugs can help prevent huge asthma attack. Inhalers don’t always do the right job. Getting rid of asthma usually involves avoiding things that trigger your asthma attacks. It also may help to take one or more asthma medications. Some of the doctors in your area provide you with these medications for most types of asthma. Ask your doctor today about the medicines for asthma that might treat your disability.
Who Can Get Asthma
Asthma affects people of all ages and can start in your childhood. More than 22 million people in America struggle with asthma.  At least 6 million of those people are children. Most people who have asthma also have allergies.  Among American children, more boys have asthma than girls.  Although in adults, more women have asthma than men.           

Things Banned Because of Asthma
    While experiencing asthma, there may be some challenges in ones life that sometimes can seem unbearable to a person in life. With some types of asthma causes one to not go to school. It may prevent you from participating in outdoor activities such as P.E., recess, and most running, active, sports activities. Running takes away the air that enters and exits your body that leaves you desperately striving for air in the lungs. An
inhaler clears the air tubes which help you breathe again.                                                                

In your life…
    Those of you who are experiencing asthma will most likely go through some of these hard challenges.  Asthma is a condition that you can live with if you take care of yourself and check with a doctor regularly to find ways to improve your health.  A wise decision would be to try to lower the humidity where you live, or choose a place to live that has low humidity.   A lot of people have asthma, but still end up living normal, happy lives.


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